Mice in the attic are dirty, smelly, noisy, dangerous and possibly unhealthy.

Mice in the attic urinate and leave droppings above your head. When mice in the attic urinate, it can soak through a drywall ceiling leaving stains. Mice in the attic  can create quite an odor.

Mice in the attic are noisy.  Attic mice run through their little tunnels at night sounding like a squirrel on your roof. Mice in the attic will scratch on the drywall ceiling for hours on end.


Yes, Mice in the attic are dangerous, very dangerous at times. Mice in the attic can chew on electrical wires leaving them bare for you to touch. Mice in the attic could chew off the insulation and short wires together starting a fire.

Mice droppings and urine are known to cause sickness and carry diseases.


If you have a vinyl sided home don’t let these rodents and other pests into your attic through an open corner post.


Kritter Caps® are designed to stop mice from getting to the attic by sealing off the bottom of the corner post.

Kritter Caps® are easy to install and don’t require any screws, caulk or foam to hold them in place. Kritter Caps® can be purchased on line at www.kritter-caps.com

The easiest way for mice to enter your attic is by climbing up the inside of the corner post on your home.

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